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Welcome to my website

I hope you enjoy my paintings.

This web site displays a range of my work.

My paintings are vibrant and expressive with strong tonal contrast. They are mostly derived from direct observation and clearly reflect my individual response and free spontaneous mark making. I usually work on location (en plein air). In recent years, I have concentrated on painting flowers and gardens, enchanted by their colour and beauty.

I work in oils on canvas, gouache on board or paper, ink on board or paper and permanent marker on board, canvas or paper.

Initially I worked only in oils but was introduced to gouache (opaque water colours) by A.W.Harding (my painting lecturer at Melbourne State College) when I travelled overseas in 1988. Gouache has the same strong tonal quality as oils without the mess and the long drying time. Since exchange teaching in Japan, I have also made many small black and white pen and brush studies particularly on my recent travels through Hokkaido and Italy. Recently, I have completed several black and white garden drawings in permanent marker.

(See profile for full list of awards.)


Landscapes large
Bush or Coastal Landscapes and River flats, many painted on the Bellarine Peninsula and Melbourne views by the Yarra in Wattle Park etc

Landscapes small
Studies of landscapes in Australia and Japan

Seascapes large
Land Sea and Sky paintings in a variety of media, capturing moods of nature.

Seascapes small
Land Sea and Sky paintings in a variety of media, capturing moods of nature. Many small gouache studies

Garden Paintings large
Paintings of Botanical gardens and private gardens in a variety of sizes

Floral Studies small
Small studies of plants and flowers in a variety of media. Many small gouache studies.

Ink Brush Studies in back and white
Small studies of landscapes in Australia, Italy and Japan.

Garden Drawings small or large
Black and white drawings on canvas, board or paper in permanent marker.

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